• Single-storey industrial facility, with a three-storey ancillary building, for the fabrication heavy structural steel components for large portside cranes, requiring a robust environment and controlled climatic conditions.

    The hall layout and structure is determined by spaces needed to assemble the various crane components. Portal frame bays designate particular areas manufacturing with a planned sequence and direction of work from one end of the building to the other conforms to a pattern of the greater factory.

    The project involved careful coordination. Clear instruction by coordinated drawing ensured overhead lifting cranes did not clash with ventilation ductwork and services travelling underneath the slab arrived correctly at the critical locations. A special smoke management strategy is employed to assist emergency egress from the centre of the hall.

    The building envelope is dictated by function and structural substrate. The building perimeter is protected using a robust insulated precast concrete apron with delight delivered using thermally and mechanically efficient polycarbonate screens. Lightweight insulated steel sandwich panel cladding reduces purlin quantities and orientation of the continuous rooflights takes account of solar characteristics to reduce artificial lighting.

    • CLIENT:
    • SIZE:
    • Liebherr Container Cranes
    • Killarney, Co. Kerry
    • 17,200 sqm