• The design strategy was to create a building that would echo the surrounding geological forms and imagery. The building is 'carved' out of the hill, creating a series of internal and external spaces that emerge from the garden and stretch towards the foreshore of the lake.

    The spa is expressed as a collection of rough-hewn stone forms, covered with cantilevered grass roofs, and separated from the outside by frameless glazing. The threshold between interior and exterior is blurred, as the dark stone slabs wrap around the external forms to the inside. These spaces are viewed as 'rooms' within the garden, facing the lake and mountains beyond.

    Inside, the spa is experienced as a natural sanctuary within the hill. The largely subterranean environment is expressed as a contrast of dark and light, density and void. Internal courtyard gardens are 'scooped' out of the plan - bringing natural daylight deep into the building whilst allowing places for private contemplation. Light and views of the landscape are used to pull the user through the building to the garden rooms, where the infinity-edge pools are orientated to form a strong visual connection with the lake, uniting one body of water with another.

  • SIZE:
  • Killarney Hotels Group
  • Killarney, Co. Kerry
  • 4,500 sqm